you can’t hide it all / 2009

amtr - flashlight


My latest work frequently touches upon intimacy in the anonymous environment of the Internet. This installation deals in more detail with the environment of amateur pornography. The fact that many women and men, amateur pairs (a term used in communities) via their Internet profiles and galleries share their sex life is already nothing new. I was, however, captivated by the manner in which they at least partially conceal their identity, their face and personal items that are important to them – a photograph on the wall of their bedroom, a pendant on their chest, a plush toy from their childhood – by the simplest, amateur, graphical means. Even despite all of their efforts to conceal a part of their privacy, I still have the feeling as if I, with a battery in hand, was spying in their kitchen and living room. “You can’t hide it all!”
The effort to transfer this feeling of mine into the installation lead me to the construction of solution of masking in real time with the use of infra light. The technical solution of the installation is only as complicated as it necessarily has to be. From the perspective of the complexity of some of today’s installations in my field, the principle is almost trivial. In my work, I strive for balance between the message and technical difficulty. The solution of this installation is a prototype and opens up for me further wider use in the connecting of virtual and physical space.
Prokop Bartonicek, 2009

amtr - zlinsky salon

amtr - zlinsky salon

amtr - kid

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amtr - flyer