Exhibit design: Torsos of Gizela Šabóková

I’m thrilled to share that I recently had the opportunity to design an exhibition titled “Torsos” by glass artist Gizela Šabóková. The exhibition was held at Nová Síň in Prague in May 2022, to celebrate Gizela’s 70th birthday. As a retrospective exhibition, it showcased around 50 of the artist’s works, including objects and drawings.

One of the most important aspects of the exhibition design was creating pedestals that could hold the weight of the fused glass without detracting from the beauty of the artwork. To achieve this, I designed blocks of UHPC-hardened concrete cut on a water jet to fit together seamlessly. I cooperated with BSG from Předeslav u Klatov to fabricate these plinths.

The last time I saw so many of Gizela Šabóková’s works together was in the nineties in the Jablonecké muzeum skla a bižuterie. It was an honor to work on this exhibition and help showcase the incredible talent of this amazing artist. Overall, the exhibition was a huge success and a wonderful tribute to the work of –– my parents, Gizela Šabóková and Karel Bartoníček.