Worlds as Fragments (Live) feat. Berg Orchestra at Museum Kampa, 2010

Orchestra Berg asked me to provide a visual accompaniment to their latest piece, which Jakub Waisar was supposed to compose for them. I suggested they reconsider the entire concept. The soft VJ accompaniment evolved into a full-fledged collaboration between image and sound, between a visual artist and a composer.

Jakub Waisar came to my studio to understand how my “Worlds as Fragments” installation works. While creating this piece, I listened to cryosleep music for almost a year. The tempo of my work slowed Jakub and drew him into its proportions. Jakub decided to compose his first ambient work, “Ambient No. 1.”

Until the rehearsal with the orchestra, which took place a few hours before our performance at the Kampa Museum, I couldn’t fully grasp how it would sound. During the preparations, Jakub drew something like a line oscillating in different ways instead of traditional notes. I could better understand and prepare my part thanks to this imaginative musical notation.

I enhanced the original “Worlds as Fragments” installation with additional light-kinetic components. I connected it to the control panel, allowing me to control the miniature theater spectacle.

It was an excellent experience for me, made even more special by Mrs. Meda Mládková’s presence in the front row. – Thank you, Berg; thank you, Jakub.