Ostrve, 2023 - Permanent installation in public space

Ostrve, 2023

This permanent art installation on the rooftop of a residential building on Plzeňská St in Prague complements the existing architecture and contributes to the visual landscape of the Smíchov district. Designed to integrate seamlessly with its surroundings, the piece provides a visual continuity that resonates with the area’s architectural character, offering an understated enhancement that is evident both during the day and at night.

When I was approached in 2022 by the A.LT Architekti studio (through Mr. Kamil Nábělek) participated in a competition selecting a suitable artwork for a residential building in Smíchov; it was clear which path to take. My goal was not to use the architecture as a pedestal for my intention. I decided to complete this quality building adequately and work in favor of architecture, especially its surroundings.

While Plzeňská Street officially begins closer to Anděl, the feeling starts precisely with this house. The final work had to assert itself both during the day and at night without disrupting the character of the surroundings. Dealing with the corner of Plzeňská was a challenge for me.

I greatly thank A.LT Architekti and their broader team for the opportunity and trust, my locksmith master Zdeněk Klein (with whom I have collaborated for almost two decades) for his precise and persistent work, and last but not least, the enlightened investor IP Polná s.r.o., for the “freehand” and support during the realization.