Worlds as Fragments, 2010

Original text by Pavel Sedlák (2010, CIANT Prague).

With his diploma project, Worlds as Fragments, Prokop Bartonicek has launched an experimental science-informed mission. Its leading motif is an exploration of the behavioral dynamics of the matter. The author has focused on time-based processes of emergence and decline from a perspective of permanent reconfiguration in substantial entities.

An impressive installation features a fluid “planetoid” that is put in motion via changes in its magnetic field. The perception renders a feeling of being in touch with cosmic forces beyond physical laws, as we commonly know them.

Falling apart of one entity, unpredictable trajectories that particular parts follow as well as recurring accumulation into new sets: All these processes happen in real-time and on an appropriate scale.

The project is an artistic version of the proof that reality is all process-based, with its fractal structure remaining a source of fascination for people worldwide. At the same time, the project is a distinctive contribution to the debate concerning spatial coordination, serving as an invitation to enter subatomic nanoterritories where complex configurations take place.

Once again, in his promising career, the author dares to face and deliver a challenging technical solution linked to a sincere interest in mediating a new kind of experience on the audience’s side. This time let us enjoy together a “galactic tempo,” the patterns and rhythm of which could as well be identified as that obscure object of our desire.

Pavel Sedlák, Process and Reality, 2010

Video documentation of Worlds As Fragments exhibition at 22PRESENTS in Prague, 2010.