Exhibition design: Torsos, 2022

I took care of the design of the exhibition of the great artist, glass artist Gizela Šabóková with great joy. The “Torsos” exhibition took place in May 2023 in the beautiful space of Nová sín in Prague on the occasion of her essential jubilee.

The last time I saw so many of her works together was in the 1990s at the Jablonec Museum. Since then, my mom has come a long way; she even creates larger figurative castings.

I designed the pedestals for the exhibition to complement the display without detracting from it, all while supporting the weight of the cast glass. They are blocks made of UHPC (Ultra-High-Performance Concrete), cut using a water jet so that they interlock and can be easily stored. These were created in collaboration with BSG from Předeslav near Klatovy.