k-tool / commissioned by PPF group

I had the honor to work on an interactive installation for a special client. “k-tool” is located in the hall of VIP office of PPF group. It is made of solid steel plates, stainless steel and acrylic. Graphs are reflected by mirrors on a latex canvas. The machine is connected to the network and visualizes trend of current values.

Měl jsem čest pracovat na interaktivní instalaci pro výjimečného klienta. “k-tool” je umístěna v chodbě VIP kanceláře skupiny PPF. Je vyrobena z masivních ocelových plátů, nerezi a akrylu. Pomocí zrcadel promítá grafy na latexové plátno. Stroj je napojen na síť a visualizuje trend aktualních hodnot.

last image: graph, “number of employees currently registered in PPF systems, hourly figures”

produced by “pebe interactive s.r.o.

thanks for an excellent cooperation / děkuji za vynikající spolupráci: Tomáš Arnaudov, Tomáš Suchan, Pavel Růžička (all from Brmlab Prague)

Operative Performances at LEAP, Berlin

I was invited to participate on Operative Performances at LEAP, Berlin – and had a great time working with Daniel Franke on the piece.
Performative part was done by Brina Stinehelfer and Francesca Romana Ciardi. Event organised by We Are Chop Chop collective. Thanks to Daniel Franke, John McKiernan and Kai Kreuzmüller.

text about piece by Kai Kreuzmueller: A black screen is hung on the wall – or is it actually a canvas? It shines and reflects and one can almost look through it. One might think of Malevich’s black square, positioned in our white cube. Malevich’s masterpiece was hung on the top of a ceiling’s corner facing slightly downwards to the audience, a style which was reserved for russian icons only. If the viewer moves close to the installation, it starts to move, making the screen bend in the upper center. The observer’s eyes can’t focus anymore and the idea of looking at/into something is broken. The emerging image is more a result of movement and less of shapes. Literally having a thin line between human and machine – digital evolution is alter the world, and it is impossible for the individual to keep step with it. Being both present and somewhat unknown, we follow our digital icon of today.

Worlds as fragments upgrade: live visuals for concert in Museum Kampa

Orchestra BERG asked me to make visuals for their concert at Museum Kampa in Prague. As I’m already bored with standard VJing, I did update of my installation “Worlds as fragments” and performed with my little planet.
Great experience for me was working with very talented composer Petr Wajsar, who changed his mind and composed his peace “Ambient no. 1” being inspirited with smooth move of my nano galactic particles. We created the whole dramaturgy of audiovisual sequence together.
Development of parts and code (thanks to my lame skills and flu) ran till the last hours – even so, everything worked fine and nothing fucked up! ;]

HD video: www.vimeo.com/18068959
Ambient no. 1 (composition)
Worlds as fragments (object)
Petr Wajsar (composer)
Peter Vrábel (conductor)
Berg (orchestra)
Prokop Bartoníček (animator, Worlds as fragments) 

4.10. 2010, world premiere
Museum Kampa, Prague (cz)

Petr Wajsar: “Moje nová skladba Ambient Piece No. 1 je zcela odlišná od mých dosavadních děl. Její prostředky totiž sestávají výhradně z arytmických pasáží, založených pouze na kombinaci témbru a dynamických odlišení. Pro tento způsob práce jsem byl inspirován nejen svou touhou po odpočinku od rytmické faktury, ale především nápadem a životní filozofií mého spoluautora Prokopa Bartoníčka, který se podílel na vizuální stránce projektu.”