Operative Performances at LEAP, Berlin 2011

I was invited to participate in Operative Performances at LEAP, Berlin, and had a great time working with Daniel Franke on the piece. The performative part was done by Brina Stinehelfer and Francesca Romana Ciardi. The event was organized by the We Are Chop Chop collective. Special thanks to Daniel Franke, John McKiernan, and Kai Kreuzmüller.

A black screen is hung on the wall – or is it actually a canvas? It shines and reflects and one can almost look through it. One might think of Malevich’s black square, positioned in our white cube. Malevich’s masterpiece was hung on the top of a ceiling’s corner facing slightly downwards to the audience, a style which was reserved for russian icons only. If the viewer moves close to the installation, it starts to move, making the screen bend in the upper center. The observer’s eyes can’t focus anymore and the idea of looking at/into something is broken. The emerging image is more a result of movement and less of shapes. Literally having a thin line between human and machine – digital evolution is alter the world, and it is impossible for the individual to keep step with it. Being both present and somewhat unknown, we follow our digital icon of today.
Kai Kreuzmueller

presenting Die Praxis at 22PRESENTS

I’m proudly presenting my friends from Berlin in Prague. Collective “Die Praxis” and their work “Shift” at showroom 22PRESENTS.


In this site specific installation a second room is superimposed on the 22PRESENTS showroom. The skeleton of the space is shifted into a different perspective and outlined on the walls.
Focussing on the transformation of one perspective into the other the space between the two is explored through iterative processes. The infinite variations and states of the process are reflected in generative laser drawings.
The sound creates a constantly changing environment. Space is made perceivable through moving relatively static sound sources across a special loudspeaker setup. Different sound beams scan the room and explore its spatial properties.
Praxis is a collaborative workspace located in Berlin that houses a collective of likeminded people and friends working in the fields of New Media Art, Audiovisual Art, Interaction Design and Programming. Praxis started out in 2009 in Oranienstraße, Berlin Kreuzberg. The founding members were Sebastian Gregor and joreg (vvvv group) who then teamed up with visual artisits Rainer Kohlberger, Claudia Rohrmoser and sound artist Wilm Thoben. The vvvv crew was then joined by two more helping hands, Tebjan Halm, Elias Holzer.